Enhance Recovery Sports Bottles

Introducing ENHANCED RECOVERY™ Omega-3 Sports Drink

A scientific breakthrough in optimal muscle recovery

Designed with elite athletes in mind, ENHANCED RECOVERY™ omega-3 sports drink is the next generation of support for more rapid and complete muscle recovery following intense workouts or competition.

What’s In It?

ENHANCED RECOVERY™ features a unique combination of straightforward, simple ingredients: stabilized omega-3 fatty acids; a high-quality protein matrix of whey, hydrolyzed collagen and sunflower; carnitine; antioxidant vitamins D and E; and nutrient-absorption-stimulating carbohydrates inherent in the fruit-juice base.



Today’s athletes know the value of infusing abundant sources of quality omega-3 fatty acids into their diets. This patent-pending formula provides an effective way to emulsify and stabilize the omega-3 fatty acids, so they blend smoothly into a great-tasting drink.

Robust blend of muscle recovery ingredients

ENHANCED RECOVERY™ is an optimal blend of 1600mg omega-3s (820mg DHA, 550mg EPA, 230mg ALA), 20g high-quality proteins (16g Whey and 4g Collagen with 2g Leucine and 0.5g Carnitine), vitamins D and E, and carbohydrates. There is no longer any reason to spend time and effort gathering and calculating complicated dosages of bottle after bottle of supplements. This scientifically formulated combination is designed to deliver more rapid and complete recovery.


This individually packaged, 8.4 fluid ounce drink is entirely portable. It can be consumed on the go, either at room temperature or cold, so no refrigeration is needed.

How It Works – The Science

“Complete recovery” means lots of pieces working together at optimal levels to maximize the effect on the whole system. Individual nutrients may deliver important pieces of the puzzle, but when combined in the right proportions, their effects are amplified. 

Intense training or competition naturally causes micro-tears and other damage to muscle cells. Muscle protein synthesis is the physical process responsible for repairing and building new muscle. The whey, collagen and sunflower proteins in ENHANCED RECOVERY™ supply the nine essential amino acids that activate and maintain muscle protein synthesis.

Who’s Behind This Innovation

ENHANCED RECOVERY™ was researched and invented by Janne Sande Mathisen, a food and nutrition scientist from Oslo, Norway.

Phil Marineau, former CEO and President of Pepsi-Co, who took Gatorade to over $1B in sales and Harry Drnec, former CEO of Red Bull UK, who took the brand to over $600M in sales, have teamed up to bring this revolutionary new product to market. These experienced, beverage industry titans firmly believe ENHANCED RECOVERY™ is the pivotal product that can help elevate an athlete to his or her next level.