A scientific breakthrough in optimal muscle recovery for athletes

Beverage industry innovators Phil Marineau and Harry Drnec announced today the official launch of ENHANCED RECOVERY™, an omega-3 sports drink scientifically formulated to give elite athletes more rapid and complete muscle recovery following intense workouts or competition.

Researched and invented by Janne Sande Mathisen, a food and nutrition scientist from Oslo, Norway, ENHANCED RECOVERY™ features a unique combination of straightforward ingredients: 1600mg of stabilized omega-3s (820mg DHA, 550mg EPA, 230mg ALA), a matrix of 20 grams of high-quality proteins (16g Whey and 4g Collagen with 2g Leucine and 0.5g Carnitine). It also contains nutrient-absorption-stimulating carbohydrates, vitamins D and E, and natural antioxidants in a great-tasting fruit juice beverage.

“Today’s elite athletes are keenly aware of the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids,” says Harry Drnec, former CEO of Red Bull UK. Widely recognized for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce muscle damage, soreness, stiffness and augment strength gains from resistance training.

“Taken consistently, ENHANCED RECOVERY™ is an ideal post-workout routine for runners, cyclists, triathletes and other endurance athletes,” Drnec adds. “We look forward to getting this revolutionary product into the hands of athletes everywhere who are pushing the boundaries of their training, so they can experience the benefits for themselves.”

Intense training or competition naturally causes micro-tears and other damage to muscle cells. The whey, collagen and sunflower proteins in ENHANCED RECOVERY™ supply the nine essential amino acids that activate and maintain muscle protein synthesis, the physical process responsible for repairing and building new muscle.

“This ground-breaking entry into the sports recovery market represents an entirely new category in the sports nutrition industry,” says Phil Marineau, former CEO of Pepsi-Cola North America (the parent company of Gatorade). “ENHANCED RECOVERY™ addresses a more complete recovery process. Uniquely, it supports the critical final step in the muscle recovery process – muscle repair and remodeling.”

For more information or to purchase ENHANCED RECOVERY™ Omega-3 Sports Drink, visit www.ERsportsdrink.com.

About ENHANCED RECOVERY Inventor Janne Sande Mathisen

Janne Sande Mathisen is a food and nutrition scientist from Oslo, Norway. She is passionate about health, positive nutrition and the immense benefits of omega-3s. Janne has created this patent-pending combination of stabilized omega-3 fatty acids together with a matrix of whey, collagen and sunflower seed proteins, black cumin oil, carnitine, vitamins D and E, and natural antioxidants with fruit juices that are high in anthocyanins to serve sports people – professional and amateur, young and old, active and retired.

About ENHANCED RECOVERY Chairman Phil Marineau

Chairman of ENHANCED RECOVERY™, Phil Marineau has served in many leadership capacities in the beverage industry. He is a former president and CEO at Pepsi-Cola North America and president and COO of Quaker Oats, where he built Gatorade into a global brand and steered it to more than $1 billion in sales.


Harry Drnec is the CEO of ENHANCED RECOVERY™. He has served as head of marketing for Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery and brand manager for Anheuser-Bush, where he launched Bud Light, the top-selling beer in the world. More recently, he served as CEO of Red Bull UK, where he grew sales from three million to four billion cans.