What’s It Taste Like?

Each bottle of ENHANCED RECOVERY™ contains 1600mg of omega-3 fatty acids, 20g of protein and other scientifically proven ingredients shown to support the athlete’s body as its muscles recover from workout and competition.

But then the obvious question for any drink arises: What’s it taste like?

Our sports drink is a fruit juice blend made from apple, pear and blackcurrant juice concentrates.

Our team is very pleased with the feedback from our early adopters, which has been consistently positive on the flavor profile.

“This new recovery drink not only gets the flavor right, the osmolality makes it easy to drink,” Bill Bishop, Head Coach at Bishop Racing/CEO at the Everest Platform.

Or, how about the high school athletes? We all know how tough a crowd teenagers can be. We heard from Mike Carroll, Assistant Athletic Director/Head Athletic Trainer of Graham High School:

“I asked several of [my high school athletes] to try the omega-3 sports drink and let me know what they thought. Once they tried it and realized that it not only tasted good but also benefited their bodies they came back and asked for it after every workout.”

We were flattered to hear the high schoolers liked the drink. Now, we’re just waiting for someone to ask us to the homecoming dance.

Another point of pride for our team: people seem to consistently remark on being pleasantly surprised that our sports drink has no fishy flavor whatsoever, even with all the omega-3 fatty acids in each bottle.

This is a huge difference between our omega-3 sports drink and the alternative methods for getting omega-3s, such as fish oil pills that are known for their “fishy smell and taste,” not to mention the off-putting burps after taking the pills. The fishy taste in those pills is a sign of oxidation in their omega-3s and we’d like you to know our patent-pending process prevents any fishy taste by limiting the oxidation in the cod fish oil we source from Norway.

So, support your workout recovery and while it’s great to read about it, remember there’s only one way to truly know what ENHANCED RECOVERY™ tastes like: you’ve got to try it for yourself! Order yours today.