Designed To Fit Into The Athlete’s Busy Life

We’ve created a sports recovery drink that’s not only good for the athlete, it’s been designed to fit conveniently into the athlete’s busy lifestyle.

At ENHANCED RECOVERY™, we’ve packed 20g of protein and 1600mg of omega-3 fatty acids into each bottle that’s convenient 250ml, a size that’s easy to throw in your gym bag on your way out the door.

That means athletes can grab it and go, getting right to the training, moving, lifting and pushing themselves. That means you don’t have to mix a bunch of messy, inconvenient protein powders. That means you don’t have to haul a whey protein jug with you to the gym. (Yes, we’re assuming you didn’t get into athletics because of your passion for mixing smoothies.)

We want athletes to not only benefit from the ingredients. We want them to also get those benefits without all the normal pains of sports nutritional supplements.

Through our emulsification manufacturing process, we limit the oxidation of the omega-3 fatty acids. Great, but what’s that mean? It means you can get your omega-3s without the gross “fish burps” of traditional omega-3 pills.

When & How To Take It?

ENHANCED RECOVERY™ is best consumed soon after training and competition. You can also take it in the evening before bedtime to provide tired muscles with the nutrients needed for rapid and complete recovery.

ENHANCED RECOVERY™ can also be consumed as part of a meal or as a between-meal snack on non-workout days.

Based on your preference, ENHANCED RECOVERY™ can be consumed at room temperature or chilled.

Find what works for you and get what you want without mixing powders, having fish burps, so you can focus on the training and competing.