Specifically Formulated for College Athletes

Multi-Nutritional Fruit Smoothie
Formulated for Complete Recovery
EO3 has been used by over 80 college athletic programs and professional sports teams

Straightforward Ingredients:

820mg DHA | 550mg EPA

20g Whey

Apple, Pear & Blackcurrant Juices

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No Added Sugars, Artifcial Sweeteners, or Preservatives and is Free of Gluten, Soy and Nuts.

The Choice of Elite Athletes

Meet James Guy. James is the winner of over 50 medals, including: 2 Olympic golds, 3 silvers, 4 World Championship golds and 7 European Championship gold medals. 

“I complete with the best athletes in the world, and EO3 keeps my omega-3 levels finely-tuned to help maximize my performance.” – James Guy

Over 80 Collegiate Athletic Programs and Professional Sports Teams rely on EO3 as a superior way for their athletes to achieve the necessary omega-3 levels, immunity support and complete muscle recovery from intensive training and competition. Elite military units and major hospitals also use EO3 as a complete nutrition solution for cognitive and physical health benefits.


James Guy – Olympic Champion

Omega-3’s: a pattern of deficiency with an easy solution

Omega-3’s are an essential component of every cell in the human body. As a result, having adequate levels of omega-3 impacts our body’s ability to function optimally. Unfortunately, research in collegiate athletes is showing a consistent pattern of low levels. In studies involving athletes, less than 1% have scored an omega-3 Index of 8% which is considered the benchmark for cardiovascular health.

In over 1,500 athletes from 9 NCAA Division I athletic programs, Ritz et al found only 6% of participants met the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ recommendation to consume at least 500 mg EPA+DHA/ day. Athletes simply aren’t eating enough omega-3, which can impact their overall health and performance.

Fortunately omega-3 can be obtained in the diet, with a variety of fish and seafood available containing EPA and DHA levels. However getting adequate levels from food can be challenging. For many picky eaters, fish is an acquired taste. For others, especially budget-conscious college athletes, seafood is an expensive protein option.

EO3 allows you and your athletes to work around those obstacles, providing a potent dose of omega-3’s hidden behind our delicious fruit smoothie flavor.


Omega-3 Supplements: Choose Wisely!

When choosing an omega-3 product for your athletes it is imperative to consider the quality and EPA+DHA dose. Many of the capsule products on the market hide low EPA+DHA by advertising a high “total omega-3 or total fish oil dose”. At EO3, transparency is important to us! Finding a product with a larger dose of EPA and DHA provides a more cost-effective intervention for you and your athletes.

Why do omega-3’s matter for athletes?


DHA is an important component of omega-3 supplementation and has been shown to reduce brain inflammation and axonal damage associated with contact sports (Oliver et al 2016)

Pre & Post-Surgical Recovery

Omega-3 supplementation around surgery can help manage the inflammatory response and preserve muscle mass following surgery (McGlory et al 2019)

Muscle Recovery: More than Protein and Carbs!

Compared to a protein + carb drink, the same drink with omega-3’s was shown to improve muscle recovery, reduce soreness and better support explosive power during pre-season training (Black et al 2018)

How much do athletes need?

General Health

500 mg/ day EPA+DHA

(at least 2 EO3/ week)

  • Report eating fish 1-2 times/ week
  • Maintenance dose after 6 months of therapeutic
  • Low intensity training

Moderate Intensity

1 g/ day EPA+DHA 

(at least 5 EO3/ week)

  • Non-fish eater
  • History of concussions
  • Athlete struggling with recovery
  • Long injury history


 2 g/day EPA+DHA

(1-2 EO3/ day OR 5 Enhanced Recovery + 2-6 oz servings of fatty fish)

  • Neuroprotection: 8-12 weeks prior to start of season in contact sports
  • Recently diagnosed w/ concussion
  • Linemen/ higher bodyweight athletes
  • Athletes interested in extra cardiovascular support

EO3 Advantages 

1. Rapid Absorption

Breakthrough nano-dispersion technology enables rapid and complete absorption of omega-3 into the body, not possible with soft gels and other omega-3 products.

2. Liquid RTD Drink

EO3 is the only omega-3 that is not spoon oil or a soft gel – both of which have strong drawbacks. EO3 is Ready-to-Drink or mix it into your smoothie. 

3. Multi-Nutritional

No one else delivers a total nutrition package with omega-3 + protein + vitamins and antioxidants.

4. The Best Source

EO3 is made from 100% pure Norwegian cod liver oil and simple, pure ingredients.

5. The Freshest Omega-3 Available

EO3 is aseptically packaged to eliminate oxidation before consumption. 

In both wild and farm-raised salmon, the content of omega-3 will vary significantly depending on what the fish eat. In general, farm-raised salmon has about half the content of omega-3 found in wild salmon. However, about 75% of all salmon consumed is farm-raised. A farm-raised salmon filet contains about 1.13 grams of omega-3 per normal 3-ounce serving size. One EO3 omega-3 drink provides 1.6 grams of omega-3.

EO3 Omega-3 Properties

1600mg Omega-3 

820 DHA 

550 EPA 

230 ALA

It’s All Good!

1600mg Omega-3 

820 DHA 

550 EPA 

230 ALA

Enhanced Multi-Nutritional Drink

20 grams of Protein


1600mg Omega-3

Vitamins D & E

Extremely High Antioxidant Levels

A Full Spectrum Post-Workout Solution

EO3: $2.30 per bottle

Fast-Digesting Protein 
+ Carb Combo

20g Whey Protein + 25g Carbs (from fruit juice)

These days it’s getting harder and harder to find a product that contains both proteins AND carbs. We have both to help your athletes meet all of their recovery needs. No need to compromise!

Fruit Juice Polyphenols

*ORAC profile comparable to tart cherry juice

Our innovative recipe uses these polyphenols to aid in muscle recovery & prevent the oxidation of fatty acids within the bottle, making it a shelf-stable product while still keeping your omega-3’s fresh!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

820mg DHA + 550mg EPA

EO3 is a potent dose of omega-3’s in a convenient package. Long gone are the days of athletes forgetting to take their fish oil pills! Many athletes are picky eaters and EPA+DHA content in fish varies widely. Avoid both of these issues with a product that provides a consistent, tasty dose.

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The EO3 Advantage

We understand the challenges you face as a sports dietitian and want to help! EO3 offers you and your athletes a more well-rounded solution to post-workout nutrition that both athletes and dietitians love.

High-Quality Ingredients

The omega-3 market is filled with low quality, minimum dose products that are susceptible to oxidation over time. We wanted to provide an alternative solution.

The omega-3’s in EO3 are sourced directly from cod in the Barents Sea. This results in a high-quality triglyceride-based product with a higher EPA+DHA dose than your standard fish oil capsule.

Convenience & Athlete Compliance

In a recently-published study assessing dose response and compliance, athletes found EO3 to be a more convenient omega-3 option compared to fish oil pills, reporting it was a more realistic supplement to consistently consume.

Athletes consuming 1 EO3 per day for 6 weeks, improved their O3i from 5.5 to 7.4%.

Cost & Storage Efficient

In a recently-published study assessing dose response and compliance, athletes found EO3 to be a more convenient omega-3 option compared to fish oil pills, reporting it was a more realistic supplement to consistently consume.

Athletes consuming 1 EO3 per day for 6 weeks, improved their O3i from 5.5 to 7.4%.


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